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Hayden - Hardly - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hayden - Hardly - аккорды и текст, видео

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By: Murray Stevenson:
Song: “Hardly” by “Hayden”
Album: “everything i long for”(1995)

* Tune your guitar down one step (DGCFAD). Also, *
* the verses & intro are played with palm muting *
* and the chorus is played without it.           *

Intro: C#  x2

(V): Could I be the one thing
     Missing from your life and
     From your every day
     I need you to be beside me
     Why don't you call me and we'll see

     I see you having coffee
     You were almost beside me
     Laughing with your friends
     I tell Lorraine to look at you
     I tell her I need to tell

     E               A
(C):You... I don't know you
     E             A
     You... but I want to
           E             A
     Tell you... I just can't leave here
     Without telling you
     Just how lonely I've been lately
     You are just as lonely maybe
     -                                 -
     We should go out for some coffee

(V): I wonder how I can
     Give you my phone number
     And not be so afraid
     I ask Lorraine to give it to  
     You, and I go to the washroom

     I return to the table
     I look but I'm unable
     To find you anywhere
     I ask Lorraine to look for you
     I tell her I need to tell


(V): On the way out the door
     Lorraine lets me know that
     She went up to you
     Gave you my number and said
     Call him or else he'll be

     E              A
(C):Sad... and I waited
         E               A
     Waited... for two weeks and
       E       A
     And... I realized that you'd
     Never call me
     How could I have been so stupid
     I should have gone up to you and
     Told you myself how you made me

I'm a big fan of Hayden's stuff, and would love it if some one
posted anything else by him.  Or let me know if you use this.

Добавлено: 21.06.2012
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