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Hayden - Half For Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hayden - Half For Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Half For Me
Subject: half for me by hayden

Half For Me * by hayden
>From ~Moving Careful~ Ep
Acoustic song
Tabbed out by Ian Reilly


   C*         G         B         G         A         C         E*

 --3--      --3--     --7--     --3--     --0--     --0--     --8--
 --3--      --3--     --7--     --3--     --2--     --1--     --8--
 --5--      --4--     --7--     --0--     --2--     --0--     --9--
 --4--      --5--     --9--     --0--     --2--     --2--     --10-
 --3--      --5--     --9--     --2--     --0--     --3--     --10-
 --3--      --3--     --7--     --3--     --X--     --3--     --8--

NOTE: G slides to B during the verse


        C*   G        B
	They were the only
        C*    G     B
	Smokers so they'd meet
        C*      G     B
	Outside every twenty minutes
	When we all used to hang out
        C*   G           B
    	Soon they became drawn
        C*      G              B
 	To each other and anticipated
        C*            G        B
	The next time we'd all meet
 	And we had no idea


G                   A      C
The four of us, the two of them
G                 A       C
My girlfriend and my best friend

VERSE  (same pattern as the first)

	One night they announced

	To us they were going

	To go for a walk and soon they

	Began splitting packs in half


G                A        C
Half for him and half for her
G              A        C
Half for me is half for sure


Listen to the recording for the exact timing, it's hard to know exactly
when he's hitting it without my guitar in front of me.
Добавлено: 26.02.2012
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