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Hawkwind - Flying Doctor - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hawkwind - Flying Doctor - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Dave Brock
Авторы текста: Robert Calvert
Flying Doctor
The Hawklords (aka Hawkwind) - Flying Doctor



He [B5]sneaks through the [C5]door of the [B5]surge[A5]ry
[B5] He's got the [C5]drug [B5]cabinet [A5]key
He [B5]did something [C5]funny and he [B5]tied up his [A5]arm
It's just the [B5]flying [C5]doctor, no [B5]cause for a[A5]larm
He [D5]sprinkled out a [Eb5]powder and [D5]spread out a [C5]line
He [D5]sniffed it up his [Eb5]nostril and he's [D5]feeling so [C5]fine
[B5]Feeling so [C5]fine, it [B5]feels like he's [A5]flying
[B5]Feeling so [C5]fine, it [B5]feels like he's [A5]flying
His re[B5]ceptionist [C5]saw him, it [B5]certainly [A5]shocked her
She said "Look [B5]out, you'd better [C5]duck,
Here [B5]comes the Flying [A5]Doctor"

[B5]Out in the [C5]outback, there's [B5]been an out[A5]break
and the [B5]Flying [C5]Doctor's got [B5]nothing to [A5]take
He [B5]went to the [C5]cabinet, the [B5]cabinet was [A5]bare
His [B5]eyes di[C5]lated, you can [B5]see by his [A5]stare.
[D5] Called up his [Eb5]base on the [D5]radi[C5]o,
He [D5]said; "My supp[Eb5]lies are [D5]running [C5]low,
They're [B5]running [C5]low, you can [B5]see where they [A5]go
They're [B5]running [C5]low, I [B5]see where they [A5]go"
Out [B5]in the out[C5]back with my [B5]Percival [A5]Proctor
Look [B5]out you'd better [C5]duck,
Here [B5]comes the Flying [A5]Doctor

He's got the [B5]cabinet [C5]key,
The [B5]cabinet [A5]key, 
the [B5]cabinet [C5]key,
The [B5]cabinet [A5]key... 


A [B5]Sheila in the [C5]bush by a [B5]Koolahbar [A5]tree
[B5]Needed an [C5]urgent appen[B5]decto[A5]my
The Flying [B5]Doctor like a [C5]true Aus[B5]trali[A5]an,
Per[B5]formed the ope[C5]ration with a [B5]sardine [A5]can
He [D5]made a rough in[Eb5]cision and [D5]tried to chew it [C5]out,
He [D5]had no anaes[Eb5]thetic, so she [D5]started to [C5]shout,
She [B5]started to [C5]shout, when he was [B5]chewing it [A5]out,
She [B5]started to [C5]shout, he tried to [B5]chew it right [A5]out,
He [B5]balled up his [C5]fist and scien[B5]tifically [A5]socked her,
Look [B5]out you'd better [C5]duck,
Here [B5]comes the Flying [A5]Doctor

[B5]cabinet [C5]key,
[B5]cabinet [A5]key, 
[B5]cabinet [C5]key,
[B5]cabinet [A5]key...
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