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Hawk Nelson - Things We Go Through - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Hawk Nelson - Things We Go Through - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Things We Go Through
Hawk Nelson
Hey this is a great song by Hawk Nelson it's talking about things that 
happen around us everyday.
the intro beat is tricky so listen to the cd first.

Intro: Ab   C#   Eb x4

Verse1:Ab                   Eb
       Billy made a promise but didn't end though
       Fm                 C#
       Carrie had a dream but she through it out the window
       Ab                    Eb
       Kevin met a nice girl who broke his heart and
       Fm                         C#
       His friends never told him but they knew it from the start and...
Chorus:Ab            Eb
       These are the things we go through
       Fm               C#
       Let's take control and be ourselves
       Ab                  Eb
       Let's not waste time wondering about
       Fm              C#
       How we're gonna make it out

Chorus:Ab      Eb
       Wake up everyone around you
       Fm         C#
       Let's rock until the clock strikes two
       Ab       Eb
       Stand up for what you believe and shout to
       Fm             C#
       Here's another song from the youth that surround you 

Refer back to intro x2

Do the second verse just as the first
Ab Eb Fm C#
Verse2:Kyle's parents split up, he thinks it's his fault
       Little does he know that the time they're in was difficult
       Andrew she left home, said she had enough 
       All she really wanted was somebody else to love 

       Ab                     Eb
       She's all alone again, it's the same old argument
       Fm                      C#
       And she needs a helping hand to help her find the truth

   Go back to Pre Chorus:
   Then to Chorus: 

Bridge:Ab      Eb      Fm    C#
       Save me I'm all alone,As I'm going to the surface
       Ab      Eb       Fm      C#
       Tell me I've got to know,If I really have a purpose
       Ab      Eb      Fm        C#
       Show me I'm far from home,Lost all notice of direction
       Ab      Eb
       Take me to you'r through

Back to chorus:

End with Verse1:

This is my first tab I think I did okay 
if I didn't I'm sorry.

Chords:all bar 

Ab            Fm
466444        133111

Eb            C#    
668866        446644

Добавлено: 25.05.2012
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