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Hanoi Rocks - Futurama - текст песни

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Hanoi Rocks - Futurama - текст песни

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My little lover's gonna be another, copy of Raquel Welch, I'll build her a house and a made named Jill

And spend the rest of my life down in Beverly Hills,

I'll never have to feed her, And she'll stay pretty all the time, Oh, yes she will

I love the way she's gonna rock and roll, From the early morning 'til late late night

Non stop rock 'n' bop and she'll never ever die

When I want money she can go to work, As a roadie for Adam Ant

And if he comes on strong he'll be in for a shock, 'Cos she'll open his face and clean his clock

I'll never have to feed her, And she'll stay pretty all the time

Rock 'n' roll, My little girl, the best in the world

Softer than steel, she's alarmingly real, My mechanical girl, my satanical pearl

You're the best in the world, Wild thing, I think I love you

I'll never have to clean her, And she'll stay perfect all the time (Oh yeah)
Добавлено: 23.06.2012
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