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Hank Williams - Something Got a Hold of Me - текст песни, видео

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Hank Williams - Something Got a Hold of Me - текст песни, видео

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Hank williams & audrey williams

[c] at first when I heard of some people who claim

That the old-time religion was [g] real

I [c] said "ill go down, take a [f] look at the crowd

For [c] just that weak-[g] minded I [c] feel."

[c] I walked up the steps and I peeked in the door

But the devil said, "dont you go [g] in!"

But I [c] said, "it wont hurt me Ill [f] just step inside

And Ill [c] set as far [g] back as I [c] can." [but-]


[c] something got a hold of me [praise god]

Yes something got a hold of [g] me [oh! lord]

I [c] went there to fight, but Ill [f] tell you that night

God [c] certainly got a [g] hold of [c] me.

They sang like they meant it, they all clapped their hands

I said, "its commotion, thats all."

"when they get down to pray, Ill just get up and leave

For I dont wanta be seen here at all."

But I bowed that time, he got started to preach

And he looked straight down at me

He told evrybody how mean that I was

He didnt talk like he thought much of me.

I sat in my seat just thinkin it oer

And then they all started to pray

The fire fell from heaven, I fell to the floor

I prayed there and God had his way. [for-]

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