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Hank Williams Jr. - Conversation - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hank Williams Jr. - Conversation - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hank Williams Jr.
The Conversation
Hank Williams Jr. and Waylon Jennings
posted by Richard Smith

W=Waylon singing
H=Hank singing

Chord progression throughout song! If there are any corrections, please feel free to 
me and I will change. My first posting!

Intro  E
W:   Hank let's talk about your daddy. Tell me how your momma loved
     That Man
H:   Well just break out a bottle hoss.  I'll tell you bout the driftin
     cowboy band.

          B                     Bb
W:   We won't talk about the habits
      A                       E
B:   Just the music and the man.

W:   (That's All)

W:   Now Hank, you just gotta tell me.  Did your daddy really write all
     them songs? (Did He?)

H:   That don't deserve no answer hoss, let's light up and just move

W:   Do you think he wrote em about your momma, or about the man who
     done her wrong?

H:   (You know that)

      E           A
B:   Yeah back then they called him crazy, now a days they call him a
      E                 A                             F#
     saint.  Now the ones that called him crazy, lord, are still
     writing on his name.

W:   Well if he was here right now Bocefus, would he think that we were
     right?  (Do you think he might?)

H:   Don't you know he would Waltatia, be right here by our sides.

W:   If we left for a show at _____ (sounds like he says bovalt. Only
     word I'm unsure of.)

B:   He'd be the first one on the bus and ready to ride.

W: (that's wantin to go hoss)

H: (laughs)

W:   Where ever he is I hope he's happy, you know I hope he's doin
     well.(Yes I do)

H:   He is cuz he's got one arm around my momma now and he sure did
     Love miss audrey and raising hell.

W:   I won't ask you no more questions

B:   To the stories only hank can tell.

B:   Well back then they called him crazy now a days they call him a

H:   Most folks don't know that they

B:   fired him from the opry,

H:   and that caused his greatest pain.

H:   Let me tell you about lovesick, how miss audrey loved that man.

W:   You know I've always loved to listen to the stories about that
     driftin cowboy band (and the man).

H:   Know when we get right

W:   down to it.

B:   Still the most wanted outlaw in the land.
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