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Hank Locklin - Country Hall Of Fame - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hank Locklin - Country Hall Of Fame - аккорды и текст, видео

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Country Hall Of Fame
Hank Locklin
I was roaming around in Nashville in the state of Tennessee 

      G7                              F              C
For I love that country music it's as soulful as can be
I have gathered their records for I cherish every name
     G7                                             C
So I found myself a-standing in the Country Hall Of Fame
My heart beats somewhat faster as I walk in thru the door
      G7                              F           C
For I heard the sound of voices I had often heard before
A happy kind of sadness brought a teardrop to my eye 

         G7                                                     C
Now I'll tell you what I saw there and I'm sure that you'll see why
Jimmie Rodger's railroad letters and his faithful old guitar
        G7                                   F         C
I could hear that old Blue Yodel coming from somewhere afar
Roy Acuff in Bronze likeness with the great Fred Rose his friend 

      G7                                                C
And I heard that Wabash Cannonball somewhere around the bend
The guitar of Eddy Arnold memories of Cattle Call
     G7                                         F         C
Chet Atkins will be with him When The Works All Done This Fall 

From the Autoharp of Maybelle Wildwood Flower seemed to ring
      G7                                                 C
Riley Puckett and Gid Tanner how they all could pick and sing 

I could hear George Hay announcing as I stood there in the room 

        G7                                  F         C
I could hear Tex Ritter singing his classic song High Noon
Minnie Pearl so glad to be there and Hank Snow keeps Moving On
        G7                                                      C
May the Lord bless those still living and the ones who join His throne
Cowboy Copas Hawkshaw Hawkins Gentleman Jim and Patsy Cline
    G7                                    F      C
Rod Brasfield Ira Louvin these stars will always shine 

Ernest Tubb the great Red Foley and Hank Williams bless his name
                G7                                               F
Though some are gone they'll live forever in the Country Hall Of Fame 
Добавлено: 28.10.2015
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