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Halo - Climb The Mountain - таба, видео

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Halo - Climb The Mountain - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
		   From Wed Aug 23 22:39:34 1995

                      Climb The Mountain
                 From the CD "Heaven Calling"
                   Words by Scott Springer
                   Music by John Elefante
             Matthew 17:20, Phillippians 3:13-14

                  transcribed by Ron Masters
            using the standard tuning conventions: 

           /  =  slide up       /w  =  whammy bar up
           \  =  slide down     \w  =  whammy bar down
           #  =  harmonic        
           p  =  pulloff         ^  =  bend (up pitch) 
           h  =  hammer on       v  =  bend (down pitch)   

 (#1 - See note)

    A  (Driving A Chord -- with distortion -- repeated)
 |--5-5-----5 5------5-5-5-5-----------------------------------|

 [Intro - Lead-In Solo]
 (#2 - See note)

 |-12-10----------12-9\w---12-10-------12-9--9^10 9--9---------|

 D                                  A
 You're down in the valley life has dealt a crucial blow

 D                                 A
 The darkness surrounds you like a blanket on your soul


 D       E                   A
 Time to rise up, stand your ground


 Bm        G                  D             A
 Climb the Mountain, let your faith cast it aside

 Bm        G                   D               A 
 Climb the Mountain, let God's strength in you arise

 D         E                 A
 Climb the Mountain, pull it down


 Bm        G                  D              A
 Climb the Mountain, there is no way you can fail

 Bm        G               D               A
 Climb the Mountain and in Christ you will prevail

 D                                        A
 You're ready to start the climb, there's hunger in your eyes

 D                                     A
 God has given you courage to help you scale the utmost heights


 D                  E               A
 Through Christ the battle has been won

 [BRIDGE - Clean electric sound]

   Bsus4                          Dsus4
   Greater is He that is within you

   Bsus4                                   Dsus4              A
   With God there is no mountain you can't climb

   A            Bm                 E
   It's time to rise up stand your ground


 (#3 - See note)

   Bm             G           D             A
   Bm               G            D               A

 [Repeat Chorus]

 Ron's Guitar Notes

 #1 I use my pinky to crunch/mute the A note on the 5th fret of 
    the E string, then lay my first finger across the 2nd fret,
    barring the 4th, 3rd and 2nd fingers. It comes close to 
    mimicking the driving bass here.

 #2 You'll find the "lead-in solo" repeated in various parts of the
    song, (including the ending) with only slight variations on the
    few ending notes. (i.e. Sometimes a whammy down, sometimes a
    slide down the neck, etc.)

 #3 Barry Graul's solo incorporates a lot of slides into and out
    of particular starting and ending notes. I've tried to include
    all of the nuances of his technique, but if you're having trouble
    figuring it out at first... try ignoring all the 
    slides (/'s and \'s).  
    Concerning " 15^17v15 " in the solo... the first note is picked
    then the string is bent upward one whole step and brought back
    down to the G note at the 15th. I wasn't sure if this would be
    clear to everyone. 

 ==================  "The day is coming when men will look to the
                     skies... Waiting for Ground Zero." - Livgren

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