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Hall & Oates - Love You Like A Brother - текст песни, видео

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Hall & Oates - Love You Like A Brother - текст песни, видео

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It was always you and me and him

A whiskey sour, beer and gin

We were having fun

When the night was over

You'd go off together leaving me alone,

All alone

I stayed up every night, I had to find a way

I had to get to you

So I told you he was stepping outside

I said when you broke down and cried

Why don't you come to me


She said I love you like a brother

And that's how it's got to stay

Because I don't need no reminder

Of the love that went away

And the more I desire,

The less it does inspire

Because she says I remind her

Of the love she left behind

I found myself in the same old place

In the bar, another lonely night to spend

But the first thing I saw when I walked in

Was my almost lover, and my ex best friend

She was drinking all alone

And he was on the telephone

They wouldn't look at me

I went outside, I wanted to cry

It's a lonely life, ain't what it used to be

[Chorus 2x]
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