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Halestorm - I Like It Heavy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Halestorm - I Like It Heavy - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Like It Heavy
Ok so this is fairly simple to play, all are barre chords except for E, but it'll sound 
fine either way. Listen to the song for more exact timing and the strumming pattern.

Intro: B D B D

B                                      D
Some like beautiful, perfect and pretty.
B                                       D
I see the good in the bad and the ugly.
E                                      D
I need the volume one louder than ten
I put the pedal to the metal, needle into the red
F#m                             D
And if the windows ain't shaking
Making my heart race
B                                                        D
If I can't feel it in my chest I'm in the wrong damn place

Repeat this for all the verses.

Transition from Verse to chorus: B - D (barre chords, just slide up)

B                                                D
I like it louder than the boom of a big bass drum
B                                               D
I need it harder than the sound of guitar grunge
E                                                       D
I love to crank it up make it thump and evil to the core
Head banging in the pit and throwing my horns
F#m                                                 D
And just like old school Sabbath, Zeppelin and Lemmy
B                                             D
I need to drop it down low, and make it heavy
B              D
I like it heavy (x2)

Same pattern for rest of song.
Добавлено: 30.10.2015
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