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Hair Of The Dog - Fishermans Lady - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hair Of The Dog - Fishermans Lady - аккорды и текст, видео

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Fishermans Lady
Hair Of The Dog
Fisherman's Lady 
Hair of the Dog 
From the "Gaelic Bark" CD 
Written By Mike Deangelis 

         Dm	                             F
 	Over the ocean and day after day
 	C	F
 	The fishermans ships carried crews from the bay
 	Dm	F
 	leave before sunrise and return i	n three days
 	C	A
 	You know it seems that they're always away	 

 	Dm	C
 	Frost in the meadow, the wind it blew cold
 	Dm	F	C
 	Missing my lady by sea- side	 	 
 	Dm	C
 	When Ill return, tell me how will I know
 	A	Dm
 	If she'll be waitin for me	 
First time I saw her I wouldn't have known
That she had a husband that never came home
I looked in her eyes, and then she into mine
A vision of beauty but so little time
I loved her for nights and I loved her for days
I'll love her for always and when I'm away
I think of the memories from now until then
And look for the day when I'll see her again
 	A	Dm
 	If shell be waiting for me 	 
 	F	C	F	C	Dm
Добавлено: 02.05.2012
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