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H-blockx - Saw Her Smiling - таба, видео

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H-blockx - Saw Her Smiling - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Song: Saw her smiling
Artist: H-Blockx
Album: Get in the ring
Composed by Stephan Hinz and Henning Wehland

Tabbed by Sharkmark (

Here's the bonus track on the H-Blockx record "Get in the ring"
- in my opinion one of their nicest songs ever. Quite easy, only
some chord strumming and some power chords.

The main chords are:

	am	E	F	G 
e       0	0	1	3						
b	1	0	1	0	
g	2	1	2	0
D	2	2	3	0
A	0	2	3	2
E		0	1	3

just strum these chords

	   am		      E	
I saw her smiling, in her own way ...
	   am		      E
	 F	             G	            am	
now that smile that she once had, it's gone away.


D ---------------
A ---7--5-3-2-0--
E ---------------

Power chords on a slightly distorted guitar

C5	 G5	            E5	          F5
  It's a smile that I can't get out of my head
A5	    F5	         G5	      F5
  god i'm losing my control...	          (x2)
G5              am
... i saw her smiling

    am               E

D ---------------------------------   (x2)
A ---7---5/7-5-3-2---2/3-----2/3-2-
E -----------------------0---------

    F      G          am
D ---------------------------------
A ----3---------2/3-2-0--7--5-3-2-0
E --1---1--3-----------------------

After that, the second verse and chorus work exactly the same as
before. After the second chorus, there comes the "outro" part.

Heavy distortion, the progression
A5	F5	A5	G5 is repeated until the bitter end.
There also is a little guitar solo at the end, which i was too lazy
to figure out, but it's bound to be easy (given the easy chords).

That's about all for this song. It's the first time I figured out a
guitar solo, so I'm very proud of it, even if it's easy as hell.

Добавлено: 17.06.2013
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