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Gza - Animal Planet - текст песни, видео

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Gza - Animal Planet - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Welcome to the Jungle where the cat loves to scratch 
The rat squeals 
And the polar bear feasts on the blubber of seals 
The pack of wolves be scheming on a bunch of gazelles 
Where the leopards grab the wilderbeast down by it's tail 
You see the chimps they grow *hemp* they hustle and sling in trees 
Elephants for security that move tons of leaves 
The bluebirds arrest parrots that love to talk 
of eagles that stalk fresh-water trout under the wing of the hawk 
You see the vultures pick the pocket of whatever remain 
In the brain we watch but a shadow of the lion's mane 
Whose roar is loud enough to take the stripes from a zebra 
He camouflage his bets in the spots of a cheetah 
Shouldn't gamble with a cheetah and not expect to get beat 
You silly goose you know he move fast on his feet 
Now you're neck deep in depth with a bunch of lone sharks 
So you move on a colony of ants with aardvarks, you see 
Most of the everglades was controlled by the gators 
It was crashed by the crocs who came years later 
See the locusts had swarmed with the bees 
the tick moved with the fleas 
The dragonflies and the wasps shared with the seas 
The crab and the leeches sucked your blood flow 
And they laugh like hyenas when they out to catch dough 
See a million mosquitos from the West Nile 
Carrying the virus that made the boars less wild 

[Hook x4 : GZA]
It's like the jungle sometimes 

Out of fear of the deer watch for the eye of the tiger 
The Clutch from the Cobra and the venomous viper 
Boa-constrictors that cut your circulation 
Mosts of their prey die from broke bones and suffocation 
The owls are private eyes that watch from the bark 
Black panthers are the militant who strike in the dark 
Porcupines had a rep' for sticking everything that moved 
In areas that the rhinos and hippos approved 
And the giraffe was a look-out for gorillas in the mist 
And the bats use their sonar to guide and assist 
Those pelicans who smuggle contraband for the whale 
While the skunks spray the scent to keep the dogs off the trail 
The scorpion set up a sting for sly foxes 
that use stool pigeons just to keep them in the boxes 
While the black widow laid a web for the bachelor 
like daddy-long-leg and his hype man, tarantula 
They both prey on grasshoppers beetles and flies 
And they all become instant meals the moment it dies 
What costs little, is a little worth 
so some lose they lives wandering on the wrong turf 
From birth they grow up walking the thin line 
It's like the jungle sometimes 

[Hook x4 : GZA]
It's like the jungle sometimes
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