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Gwar - Captain Crьnch - текст песни

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Gwar - Captain Crьnch - текст песни

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Everybody needs somebody to abuse
 Everybody needs a lotta stuff to eat (shit)
 Everybody gonna be a body one day
 Having fun? (Mortal scum) rest assured it's not for long 

When you least expect, your world reels
 You fall to the ground, will heaven protect it (no)
 A strange new world that you found and now 

Bodies waken, souls a quakin'
 You see your jellied corpse a bakin'
 Your world teeters on the brink of madness...
 We shall... kick that bitch over with gladness 

You enter the sex plague
 You cannot breed
 And you await death
 Your anus bleeeeeds.... 

When you're all dead we'll still be here
 Having butt sex- cause I'm so - queeeeeeeeeeer....!!
 Disciples of sin!!! 
Добавлено: 25.02.2014
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