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Guy Sebastian - Cant Stop A River - аккорды и текст, видео

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Guy Sebastian - Cant Stop A River - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cant Stop A River
Guy Sebastian
Intro: Eb Ab/F Bb/G Ab Ab/Bb

Eb           Ab/F           Bb/G    
Gone are the days of mistakes
        Ab            Ab/Bb                Eb
I give everything if everything is what it takes
Eb           Ab/F                         Bb/G  
I'll bring the sun and i will chase the rain
            Ab   Ab/Bb
If i needed to
Ab          Gm
Those maybe ways of mine
Cm                          Fm
But i've been down that road so many times
     Ab                Ab/Bb 
And if you'll depend on me
Then maybe you'll see


Eb  Ab/F  Bb/G   Ab                       Eb
You cant stop a river from flowing to the sea
Eb   C#    Cm   Bm                         Ab
Somethings just happen like their meant to be
Ab                    Ebm/F#                                Fm
And it doesn't matter where are or where you go or what you do
                 Ab                    Eb
You cant stop my heart from loving you

Lead into Verse2: Eb  Ab (x2)

Eb           Ab/F           Bb/G     
There is a dream I keep alive.,
    Ab            Ab/Bb                
Wonderful and heavenly standing by
Your side.
Bringing you all the colours love can
  Bb/G                Ab Ab/Bb
Spare just to be with you.
Ab                         Gm
And there may have been times when i
Should have been there to hold you
Through the night.
Gm Ab
And if you depend upon me, then
Maybe you'll see.


Cm  Gm                              Fm         Ab
I've been miles away(echo)  but I'm paying My dues,
Fm                                            Gm
But don't worry I won't blame you for a minute,  no way no.
Ab                                Ab/B  Eb
I wont blame you this time, please.


Добавлено: 21.06.2012
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