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Guy Forsyth - The Things That Matter - аккорды и текст, видео

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Guy Forsyth - The Things That Matter - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Things That Matter
Guy Forsyth
The Things That Matter
Guy Forsyth (and Brian Keane)

Capo 3
Played in D-major (relative to capo)

Intro is slide-guitar on a D-major pentatonic. 
(This is an approximation that can be fingerpicked. Listen to the song to work out the rhythm)



The entire song plays the following progression.
D - G - D - D
D - G - A - A
D - D/F# - G - D
D - A - D - D

D               G           D
I only want the things that matter
  D             G                   A
I only want the things that you can share
      D               D/F#
Don't give me diamond rings
          G               D              
All those so called finer things
D                 A                 D
They don't matter when they are not there

D                 G                  D
I don't need more clothes if I'm not freezing
    D              G                 A
And I don't need a love that I can't feel
        D            D/F#
I can't use a pretty lie
        G               D
Just to help me pass my time
D         A                 D
Love only matters when it's real

  D             G              D
I met a man who made a million dollars
D               G             A
Built himself a mansion up on high
   D                 D/F#
He worked hard every day
         G                   D
'Til his strength passed him away
       D                A               D
Now he sits and watches lovers pass him by

  D              G                      D
I gave my girl a watch that shined with diamonds
D               G              A 
Prettiest watch you would ever find
    D              D/F#
She left it in the drawer
         G                   D  
When she walked right out my door
D                 A             D
Turns out all she needed was my time

D              G              D
I know you can tell I'm not a rich man
  D                   G                A
I expect you know I'm not a rich man's son
    D                  D/F#
But you should run and play
       G               D
Gather roses while you may
D                   A                D
Can't buy your time back when you're done 
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