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Guy Clark - Off The Map - аккорды и текст, видео

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Guy Clark - Off The Map - аккорды и текст, видео

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Off The Map
Guy Clark

Verse 1
                       D                     G                        A7                       D  A7
He's down a dead end road and he don't know where     His right front tire could sure use some air
              D    D7                 G                 A7                      D     A7
Up around the bend just a two-pump place     He pulls in to get his bearings straight

Verse 2
          D                 G                  A7               D     A7
He thumbs back through his life     the pages cut just like a knife
        D   D7            G                   A7                      D
One by one he tears them out     How he got so lost he really don't know how

       Bm                  A                    G                 D              
In a nowhere town with a nowhere name    he's nowhere closer to where he came from
Bm              A             G                         D
Dead sure no one's to blame     He's just off the map again


Verse 3
              D                          G                         A7                     D       A7
It starts to rain, he's going to wait it out     Going to rest his eyes, going to face his doubts
             D D7             G                   A7                    D
He pours a drink into a paper cup     He goes to sleep and he don't wake up

Chorus x 2 
Добавлено: 21.04.2016
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