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Guster - Ruby Falls - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Guster - Ruby Falls - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Ruby Falls
Artist - Guster
Title - "Ruby Falls"
Album - Ganging Up On The Sun

Tabbed by the Guster messageboard community.  Post all questions
or corrections in the forum at

F Dm A Bb
F Eb Bb

  F   Dm
      A             Bb
Where do we go from here?
    F            Eb                    Bb
The road to Ruby Falls has reached the end
    F   Dm
And now
      A              Bb
We're digging in the sand
       F               Eb             Bb
They're promising that help is on the way

F Eb Bb

Dm Emsus4
Bb    F

Dm      Emsus4
Love, confession number one
Bb             F
Impossible and sorry
    Dm             Emsus4
And judge, can you look the other way?
     Bb         F    Gm      Bbm
Some things are best unsaid

    F  Dm
And now
      A              Bb
where can we go from here
     F               Eb              Bb
When all the morning birds have gone away
    F    Dm
Two wrongs
      A              Bb
won't navigate tonight
    F            Eb         Bb
The afterlife is all in the end
    F            Eb          Bb    C#-Bb
The afterlife is ours in the end

Dm Emsus4
Bb  F

Dm Emsus4
Bb  F

Dm          Emsus4
Love, don't look me in the eye
     Bb          F
Just wash it all down
    Dm             Emsus4
And judge, can you let me know the way
      Bb                   F
We're outta here, straight outta here

Dm Emsus4
Bb F

Dm Emsus4
Bb F

Dm             Emsus4
Somewhere down buried in the sand
    Bb         F     Bb
Two birds give out a song
    F           Eb               Bb      C#-Bb
And all of Ruby Falls is singing along

Dm-F til end

   F   F  Dm Dm A  Bb Bb Eb C#  Gm Bbm Emsus4
Добавлено: 24.04.2012
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