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Guided By Voices - Time Machines - текст песни, видео

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Guided By Voices - Time Machines - текст песни, видео

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Time machines escape the fall
But cannot climb the prison wall
Nowhere to go they stumble headlong
Stumbling back to where they belong
Are you looking at my signs?
Have you noticed they're no timelines?
Can you examine them sometimes?
Can you?

Time machines colliding
Back and forth reuniting
No real chance to run away
No noble voices beckon them
Have you looked at what I've found?
In the ocean where my thoughts drown
Can you walk on it sometimes?
Can you?

Time machines, we'll buy them
I'll ride them with you
In the dreams of every page
And phases we go through
Are you coming to meet with us?
Will you be taking a seat with us
at any time in the future or the past?
Is there no one to care for you?
With any crosses to bear for you?
Or is the light always there for you fading fast

(Another Version)
Looked around and saw things moving fast
I became the product of my past
Couldn't break the mirror
Was not strange (?)
The image getting clearer

I reached out blindly for you
Like night and day
I was hopeless
'Til I came in touch with you

You're only baby, a child
But I love the way that you're wild

Time machine, let's try it
I'll ride it with you
Jump inside, we'll fly it
Let's go someplace new

Couldn't even think my world was ???
Smothered my emotions in energy and wit 
Tried to find the answers
Needed somebody's eyes
Couldn't break the forcefield
??? down by lies

I know it's hard just to leave it
But really we shouldn't move slow
I happen to think that 
It's all gonna work out
Let's go
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