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Guided By Voices - Heavy Metal Country - текст песни, видео

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Guided By Voices - Heavy Metal Country - текст песни, видео

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Two connected tongues 
Flesh beginnings 
But still you couldn't taste 
Cyanide in the open skies below us 
Below us 
A two way street

And oh, we've eaten all the dough 
It's our chance to polist Spanky's boots 
Finally see we cannot ?? we loath it 
But in consolation gives us cash ??

Come with high regard from heavy metal country 
They write you super-love and seal it with the kick 
And now the creator's skull is cracked 
Out come the underground with artificial love 
They're singing loud, so very proud 
To show the mess they made 
At Zoo Arcade 
When something central took away their guns

Sometimes I'm programmed better than the other ones 
Sometimes I'm programmed to shoot the shot around the world 
Sometimes I'm programmed

Добавлено: 24.07.2012
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