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Grits - In Your Eyes - текст песни, видео

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Grits - In Your Eyes - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
When I look in your eyes I see me
When I look in your eyes I see me

Let me conversate to you for a minute
Yo, see I never was one too fond of mirrors
The fear of self was oh so clearer then when I was a knee high
Coming up to breathe life, taking these deep breaths

Climbing up these steep steps to get me to the next stage
Next page, find me, me and you become one from two
Many levels passed, many devils wrestled
Many victories through stressful tasks

Much growing up from a too eventful past
(Slow down)
Had to learn how to save my gas
Owned some Keith Sweat, making it blast
Like game on�, making the cash

Got to keep the wisdom and the history of the family's past
So we're robbing old folks and making a dash
I really love making you laugh when you smile
I see the best of me in your eyes

When I look in your eyes I see me
When I look in your eyes I see me

Seems I fell down again
Now I just await the moment for my world to end
You know I got to get up a lot to live for
Folks waiting in the wings, pulsating to redeem

See how much I really bring the tables will clad us
Disable the fool, the fat, and the fables that got us to the plate
Pitching and batting, working my gums like mad
Hitchhiking the path and biking and striking the apt with math

It'll be like I be opposition to those who rustle leaves
Look at my demeanor, sneeze, you up for the tussle? Please
There's a greater power guiding my step
And ain't ashamed to admit I was preserved and kept

These are moments in time documented and recorded in rhyme
That will sit in the archives as the lives intertwine
So, mirrored images I hope you find, I hope your focus is
As close as you ever get to the end, keep an open mind, player

When I look in your eyes I see me
When I look in your eyes I see me

I ain't through yet, listen
If I'm the greatest hit then y'all the best of
The perfect illustration of my God's express love
I never been ashamed to ever say that I messed up

Like Usher, my confessions get raw to check love
To gain the respect of my kids indeed
From a boy to a man on bended knees
And that's the reason why I bruise them seeds

To ensure a better life than was given to me
'Cause y'all deserve that, need that
Proceed that which I leave back when I'm gone
And, when I'm gone, y'all take the throne

Lead the family on and keep righting the wrongs
Keep the word of God close 'cause this life ain't long
Stay true to his direction, man, despite these clones
So when they look in your eyes, they see me
And beyond that they see Christ and live that life

When I look in your eyes I see me
When I look in your eyes I see me
When I look in your eyes I see me
When I look in your eyes I see me
Добавлено: 14.02.2014
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