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Grits - Hittin' Curves - текст песни, видео

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Grits - Hittin' Curves - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Coffee's verse: 
Deadlocked in the zone, we prone to dip into the unknown 
Quick to flip if one trip, forced to break bones, first we break bread, then break heads 
Look at all the people runnin' in fear, scared 
Unwilling to hear what's said, hide under the shed 
We lyin' in the filth, grown men layin' in our own beds 
Pull ourselves up by the bootstraps 
Hit them curves, dodge the trap 
Don't move at a slow pace 
Hand us a mic, we move the whole place 
This for each and every hood, 
Eighteenth Ave, Wedgewood, South side, clean cutz 
Tell me who on it, tell me what you know that's good 
Baller blockin' ain't an option, that ain't the purpose of my concoction 
Releasin' toxins in the abyss, boxin' you in so you don't miss 
Me gettin' you rockin', Nashville 
Proud I'm in it, been a minute 
Gettin' our due, me and my crew 
Rep our city, how 'bout you? 
Hittin' curves! 

Hittin Curves, shorty, baby, ooo hoo 
(Dipping in the ride, swerving in the ride) 

Bridge 1: 
That's why we tell them 
Swerving we ruling we serving 
Hittin them curves and then we 
Pushing them verses them curses 
They must be broken yeah 
Taking them Tennessee corners 
And changing lanes cause they 
Brought us enough contradiction 
So now we change our position yeah, yeah.... 

Bonafide's verse 
I'm in LaVergne letting the Chevy burn rubber every turn 
Changing lanes while the body swang heavy to the right 
Like my life hit them curves swerve as I discern to turn 
Back down the one way truth and the life 
I learn lessons every block counting blessings like rocks 
As I bubble in the struggle in the Classic Caprice 
Releasing pressure like these woofers in the back of my seats 
And speaking clearer than these tweeters when I'm over these beats 
I check the navigation to see what direction to take 
To lead a generation headed for collision with fate 
On the darker side in the ride looking through rearviews 
In full speed searching for a u turn to save you hittin curves.... 

Swerving hittin curves and serving 
Pushing the verses for the curses 
Must be broken so we focused 
Stop sign and the place can't hold us 
Taking them Tennessee corners 
Changing lanes cause they brought us 
Enough contradiction so now 
We change our position yeah, yeah
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