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Griffin House - Judas - аккорды и текст, видео

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Griffin House - Judas - аккорды и текст, видео

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Griffin House
C                          F            C
I've been a figurine in a demon's evil plan
C                          F                C
I've looked in the mirror for as long as I can
C                      F              C
But I made a deal and I'll follow it down
Am                 G     F                  C          
And I'll swallow regret when I'm under the ground
C                          F                           C      
And I've gotta have soul 'cause I've seen what it can do
C                       F                 C
And it's made complete when it's torn in two
C                           F                      C
Do you think I could manage if they put me to the test?
C                       F                   C
The truth is inside me, but I've lived the rest
Am                 G      F               C
I deserve what is coming if the truth be told
Am                G    F                     C     
The Savior's for sale and I've rendered Him sold


C                        F                  C
I was one of the twelve; I was part of the gang
C                        F                     C
Now, I see it so clearly from the place that I hang
C                        F                 C
And my body was spilled like tears in the flood
Am               G       F                    C          
The sower reaps nothing from a field full of blood
C                        F            C
In the game of the Maker I've been a pawn
C                          F                C
The match has been checked and His hand is gone
Am          G        F             C         
Without my betrayal the prophecy fails
C                   F                C
No crown of thorns, no cross and no nails
Am               G          F        C
So, I ask for deliverance, from my destiny
Am           G     F                C
My name is Judas; someone had to be me
Добавлено: 01.12.2015
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