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Greensky Bluegrass - In Control - аккорды и текст, видео

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Greensky Bluegrass - In Control - аккорды и текст, видео

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In Control
Greensky Bluegrass
A decent start. Still not 100% on the bridge chords...

Greensky Bluegrass
"In Control"

capo on 4th fret


G                           D                       C
Started fleeing comfort for something closer to the edge 
for the view and contempt of the conscious
G                            D            C
Thoughts abandoning my shoes but I turn toward, towards home instead
G                       D                 C
Though I am not without weakness I will define what lies ahead
               G       D   C                 
I'm not out of control (X2)

G                       D                            C
Now I'm swerving in and out to feel the force of the curve unchecked I'm fond of the danger
G                      D                             C
Nothings really out of line everyone should make the time to find it
G                       D                        C
Will you ride beside me now or have I frightened all the words away
               G       D   C
I'm not out of control(x3)

   Am       C     D
If we could focus now, 
    Am      C          D
I'm certain this would all be clear
Am          C        D
couldn't we last for awhile 

what if we can't

G                        D                        C
Everything around me now all of it reduced to the ground at the cost of a foolish nature
G                       D                 C
Consequence and conditioning all weighing at me to slow my pacing
G                               D                    C
It could all be worth it though how the hell will we know we try (x2)
               G       D    C
I'm not out of control (x4)
Добавлено: 06.06.2015
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