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Greenland Is Melting - No More Sorry Songs - аккорды и текст, видео

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Greenland Is Melting - No More Sorry Songs - аккорды и текст, видео

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No More Sorry Songs
Greenland Is Melting
Capo 3rd
Might not be exact but there's nothing else out there yet so this will do.

G                    C                              G
I swear I'm sick of sorry songs and sobbin on the phone 
                        C                                G
and guitars can only distract you from yourself for so long. 
                         C                                G
I Barely recognize the difference there between right and wrong, 
it come and goes and leaves me broke and God's the only one that knows 
                             G (mute)
it's not my fault I swear to God it's not my fault.

G   C       G  D
I've been losing 
G                                          C
sleep and drugs and thoughts and time and tiny pieces of my mind 
          G                                 D
that you borrowed without asking me though I don't need them right now, 
G C G  D           G  C       G
I am so goddamned tired of all the lies we're tellin to ourselves.

Em                  C
I keep a box in my room 
filled with everything that you 
                D                             Em
ever gave me or anything that reminds me of you, 
I keep it lock out of sight 
with hopes that one day I might 
                            D                              Em
pluck up the courage to sit down and write this letter to you . 
You'll keep it locked in a drawer by your bedside, 
G                             D                                Em
you may never read it but it makes you glad to know that it's there, 
and you'll stare at the words that I wrote 
          G                     D
with my own two hands words I never had the courage to say, 
Em                     C
this is life, this is life, this is life 
      G                        D                            Em
at a pace that will crush us all right back to where we began, 
this is hope, this is hope, this is hope, 
         G                   D
in the form of a song that no one should ever hear. 
  Em         C             G
Nothing for certain though, 
      D                    Em
only one thing I know is true, 
C                     G
I got all of these little things, 
      D              C
but he's still got you. 

But don't you know that?

Добавлено: 12.07.2012
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