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Great Big Sea - Time Brings - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Great Big Sea - Time Brings - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Time Brings
Great Big Sea
Song: Time brings
Artist: Great Big Sea
Album: Great big Sea – self titled.
Tabbed by. André Nadeau-Simard  

C      - x32010
Dm   - xx0231
G     - 230001
F      - 133211

I fiured out the chords for one of the two guitars playing this song. I did not tabbed the
picking for the first guitar yet but I'm working on it!! For the struming, the best is to listen
to the album because it changes a bit between the verses and the chorus. One of the best
traditionnal band I 've ever heard!

Intro: C    Dm    G    C    (x2)

Dm             G           C            F
Hearken to me both high and low
Dm             G        C
I'll sing for you a song
Dm                 G               C                 F
Of Kngs and Queens and rose-lipped maidens
Dm                         G
Courting light foot lads

Now love is grand when love is new
The heart blood it runs stong
There's nothing a doting lad won't do
To keep his princess warm

He'll tease her with poems and promises
He'll ask her out to dance
He'll cajole and he'll beg and he'll always win
In bitter-sweat romance

C               Dm            G         C
For time it comes and time it goes
Dm                              F        G
It makes the strongest tree to bend
Dm           G                   F       C
Kings and Queens have no defence
C                  Dm         G        C
Time brings all things to an end

C                  Dm         G        C

But he goes out with his drinken pals
His eyes bagan to rove
He forgets all about the brown-eyed beauty
Who now sits home alone

There's no more walks down lover's lane
There's no more wine in the sun
All that's left is a hollow pain
Time alas you've won


While the violin and flute solos, you play :
C	Dm	G	C
C	Dm	G	C
Dm		F	G
Dm	G	F	C
C	Dm	G	C
C	Dm	G	C

Now all who wish for love to stay
And last your whole life through
Keep ahead of time me boys
And never be untrue


C	Dm	G	C

End .....

Any corrections or comments, feel free to drop an email.!
Добавлено: 11.07.2012
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