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Great Big Sea - Long Lost Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Great Big Sea - Long Lost Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Long Lost Love
Great Big Sea
I'd walk a thousand miles for you honey
  G                               Am-D
I'd walk a thousand miles in the sun
I'd give up both my eyes if I could
Make you realize
  D                               G
So why can't you see that I'm the one

Wish I could buy a limosine

I'd fill it up and pick you up and
 Am                   D
Drive you to your dreams
But when you get out on the highway
 G                    Em
Life is seldom as it seems
And if the car broke down
You'd start blaming me

C                                   Em
Moonshine bleeds into the dawn
C                                  G 
Who am I to say for you what's right
And what is wrong
C                      D
When your gone gone gone
The world will carry on
C                           D
You're like a song song song
Who's melody is wrong
         C        D     G     Em         C
But its so so hard to say so long to you
     Am  D    G
My long lost love


Many a man has sold his soul for silver
Silver ain't worth nothing next to gold
Some believe that diamonds shine forever
              Am                           D
But they offer little comfort when you're old

Can't take it with you when you're gone
Its the same end for the weak as for the strong
And if beauty is skin deep
Then why don't it come more cheap
And why can't you and I just get along

Chorus X2
Добавлено: 04.05.2012
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