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Great Big Sea - Feel It Turn - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Great Big Sea - Feel It Turn - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Feel It Turn
Great Big Sea
                 FEEL IT TURN (McCann)- From "TURN" (1999)

  This swirling tune is certainly evocative of fog lifting, etc
  a very optimistic number with an innovative design wrapped around
  a pentatonic melody. to play the Intro\riff, capo to the fifth fret
  and make use of your pinky and index on the left hand (this figure
  actually makes use of the same shapes and notes as NORWEGIAN WOOD)


     D*         D        D/f#      A7Sus4       
   G|4-4---4---2-2---2-----2---2-----0---0---|   X3

         D           Asus4     D 
 I had a dream I was moving forward,
 D            Asus4      A   Asus4
 Floating gently to the sun,
      D               Asus4      D
 I've come to see my world rewarded,
   G5            D
 A new day has begun

 Lost bird caught in mid-migration
 far away to a foreign land
 offspring of a secret nation,
 a new day has begun

      Bm| G |  A   Asus4
 Well, I  can  see 
     D     Asus4  A
 the earth below  me 
     Bm  G   A    Asus4  D   Asus4 A
 and I   can feel it     turn,
         G   G6  D   Asus4
 feel it tur-hur-urn,
         D   Asus4
 feel it turn, 
         G   G6  D Asus4
 feel it tur-hur-urn

 Fog lifts to reveal potential
 for generations prophesised,
 Our growth to be exponential,
 the promise is finally realised

 CHORUS, then Middle eight:

         Bm               Asus4 A
 Feel it turn, across the sky
     G        Bm
 the world it learns,
 D  G   Asus4 D
 so must      I

 INTRO, then:

 Cut steel wired into water
 fixed link circumnavigate 
 old men see your sons and daughters
 no longer, no longer hesitate

 CHORUS To fade, last A capella.

 Chord Shapes:

    xx0432       x04232        x0203x
     3x0033    3x2033
Добавлено: 13.04.2012
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