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Gray, David - I Tremble For You - таба, видео

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Gray, David - I Tremble For You - таба, видео

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This is a great track off of David Gray's web exclusive live covers album "A Thousand 
Behind."  Originally performed by Waylon Jennings
I'm a little iffy on some of the lyrics

Capo 4
Tuning: Standard
3/4 Timing


Verse 1:
     G                                  C
This world that I live in is empty and cold

This loneliness cuts me and tears at my soul
I'm no child of destiny
No fortune son

I've chased you so long
I'm too weak to run

Verse 2: same as V.1
And here I return to a backstreet of thrill
Back to any warm shoulder till she's got her fill
And then I treat shame like some old friend from home
Who I can lean on till the misery is gone

Chorus 1:
   G                               C
A new day is here, but nothing is new
     D                                     G |G|G|G|
But you're still gone, still I tremble for you

Verse (same as 1 and 2):
I cry out at bedtime: “oh please not tonight”
Then I hear your footsteps and I turn on the light
Of course you're never there,
No you never are
And I try to forget to that there's always a bar

Chorus 2:
Though I win that battle
And sometimes I do,
       D (tempo slows down)                 G (strum once and hold)
Still sleep doesn't come, and I tremble for you

very nice, simple progression found in a lot of country western songs
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