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Grateful Dead - Two Souls in Communion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Grateful Dead - Two Souls in Communion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Two Souls in Communion
Grateful Dead
Two Souls in Communion
(The Stranger)
Grateful Dead
Version from - Steppin Out with the Grateful Dead (England 1972)


E            (A) E         F#m
What are they seeing --------- When they look in each others eyes?
    E                        F#m
What are they feeling ------------ When they see each other smile?    
A                         E
      Is it a love ------------- I've never known
A                      E
   Or an emotion ---------- That I've outgrown? 
G#m                                F#m7                         A
   Did I take a wrong turn in ---------- On life's winding road?
B7                                   E               E7         E       
  Won't somebody help me find the ------- Find the right way to go?
C#m                  G#m             C#m               G#m
  My life need some correction --------- Alteration and direction.
A                             B                               E
 Won't somebody come with me - for a while, for a while, in case I fall

E    F#m    E   F#m     A  E   A   E    G#m   A   B   E

E                        F#m
What is the secret ----------- Of this tie that binds?
E                           F#m
Two souls in communion ---------- Both body and mind.
A                          E
  Is it special magic -------- Or just the nature of things?
A                                E
  Conceived of great spirit -------- Not for beggars but kings.

G#m                           A
You who have found it ------------ Please help me along.
B7                           E                          F#m7
I'm a man, I'm a man ----------- I'm not made out of stone.
C#m                  G#m          C#m                   G#m             
   My needs they are simple -------- I don't want many things,
A                                   B                    E
  But I surely want to ride on them wings of love -- One more time.

A    E      A    E

(The outro improv just flows on the pattern of -- A & E ---- classic Pigpen!)    
Добавлено: 05.09.2017
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