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Grateful Dead - Mind Left Body Jam - аккорды и текст, видео

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Grateful Dead - Mind Left Body Jam - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mind Left Body Jam
Grateful Dead
music by the Grateful Dead
played regularly during 1973 and 1974
transcribed by James

This origin of this jam has long been unknown.  The current name given to it
is a reference to "You Mind has Left Your Body," a song from an obscure and
I believe out-of-print album by the Jefferson Airplane.  However, it is a
basic and not very original chord progression and does not need to be
derivative of any source.  It's very likely that Weir came up with the chords
during a jam.  However, if I may suggest an alternative source, these chords
are the same as the intro to the Paul McCartney song "Man We Was Lonely" off
his first solo album, 1970's "McCartney."  On this same album is another
song the Dead would play years later, "That Would Be Something," so we can be
sure that Garcia was familiar with the album.

    A7  D(add 9) Dm(add 9)  A

Rock n Roll change: E

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