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Grass Roots - Heres Where You Belong - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Grass Roots - Heres Where You Belong - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Heres Where You Belong
Grass Roots
From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: g/grass_roots/heres_where_you_belong.crd

                       "Here's Where You Belong"
                      (P. F. Sloan - Steve Barri)


	harpsichord arr. for guitar:

	 v     v     v     v       v     v     v     v  

Verse 1:

	[harpsichord w/bass]:

	 D                 F#m
	You can change the mask you wear
	     G                      A
	But not the way you feel inside
	    D               F#m
	Go bury your head into the sand
	     G             A
	But you can never hide

	[drums and acoustic guitar enter]

	      G            A
	Your mind it is a battleground
	       G                A
	Your brain's a raging storm


	 D            G
	Here's where you belong
	              A                  D
	[2-4, 6: Baby] Here's where you belong
	Don't let your fantasies  take you away from me
	 A                  D    [1, 3-5: G  A     2: to bridge]
	Here's where you belong

Verse 2:

	The stains of childhood cannot be erased
	Like some paper tattoo
	But baby, don't let that drag you down
	Like they're expecting it to do

	Oh, yesterday's failure is today's success
	Your path is easily shown

[repeat chorus]


	     G          D
	Oh, lady, I'm waiting
	      G                        D
	The world in the palm of your hand
	 G                      D
	Tell me, what would it take you
	    E              G         A
	To make you understand

Verse 3:

	Oh, when you stand there in front of your mirror
	Unable to realize
	That everything you've been seeking
	Is right here in front of your eyes

	You're traveling barefoot on a rocky road
	When you could be safe and warm

[repeat chorus, 3X; fade 3rd time]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
Добавлено: 29.06.2012
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