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Grandmaster Flash - The Sugar Hill Records Story: Disc Two * - текст песни, видео

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Grandmaster Flash - The Sugar Hill Records Story: Disc Two * - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
* organized by Rhino comp. for convenience regardless of original

Ladies and gentlemen
It's now the time
For the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five MC's!!

[said at first in almost a whisper, getting gradually louder]
We're coming, we're coming, we're coming (repeat 3X)

Ooooh! Haha, woooohh!

Aiyyy mami I wanna get nasty wit you baby, ahahahaha
Aiyyy, tu eta por llamaseta mi amor, Linda, ahahahaha!

We wanna rock, YOU!
We're the kings of swing
	And we're chosen to rule
The deans of clean inside the cool school
	We're the chiefs of relief
Contained by wild beasts
	The finesse of the West, the masterpiece of the East
Hah, the boss of course
	As the lord of our fort
The ones with the platinum vocal chords
	We're the science of desire
With a magical mic
	The monarch of the dark in the night alright
We advertise
	And specialize
In the exercise and we'll energize
	The young ladies thighs
Cause all the fly guys
	Nature's to rise right before their eyes
We're the Earl of the world
	And the Air of flair
The Duke of dare, the Mayor of debonaire
	Got fine, drink wine
Can dance and dine
	Got a first class female oh so fine

Hey baby, whatever you doin right girl
I just want you to always be easy, and keep on shakin that thing
and I want you -- swingin it swingin it swingin
	Tell me how now
Like dy-na-mite before it blows
Who needs a band when the beat just goes -- boom!

He's Grandmaster, he cuts faster
We're the Furious, serious, and ever so mysterious
Five that's rockin the house

And everybody say PLAY (PLAY)
Say PLAY (PLAY) well OK!

Ho! Everybody c'mon!
Woo! Now now! Uhh!

People call me crazy, people call me sneak
Just because I'm nasty, they call me a freak, hehe
I am coming over, to your house tonight
I promise to you baby, that I'll do you right, I'm nasty!

I wantcha, I wantcha, I wantcha, I wantcha (shake your booty)
I wantcha, I wantcha, I wantcha, I wantcha (we want to rock you)
	Just let us rock, you!

Watch your girl and watch your wife
I got the kiss of death, to touch your life
Cause I am the man they call Scorpio
I like fly girls that don't say no

Hey girl, grab my hand, hold on tight
Don't you worry bout a thing Raheem'll do you right
I'm a mint that's fresh huh, a woman's pet
There ain't a thing in the world that I can't get

In the history books or the picture show
It's the golden voice on your radio
I'm the rapper never printed voice is solid gold
I'm playin the role, they call me Kid Creole

And I'm the, the Romeo, of the nasty show
All the ladies in the place, to my house we go
Freakin in the den just to make you move
Cause I'm Cowboy, and I got the groove

As DJ Flash, cuts so mean
That he wanna know your favorite jean
Is it Jordache? (NO!) Gloria Vanderbilt? (NO!)
Maybe it's Sassoon? (NO!) How about Sergio? (I DON'T CARE!)
Could it be Calvin Klein? (NO!) Then what is it? (?????)

Back to the bridge y'all
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