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Grammatrain - Rocketship - таба, видео

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Grammatrain - Rocketship - таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
		   Song: Rocketship
  Artist: Grammatrain
  Album: flying (c) 1997 Up in the mix music nothing simple music/BMI
  Tabbed by: John Martindale (
  If you want, you can tune E string to a D, and play the same chords
  but bar the top three strings.
  riff 1:               riff 2:         riff 3:           riff 4:
  d--5/7\2--2-2----     d--22--7----     d--2--5--7----  d--2-5-22-5-7-
  a--5/7\2--2-2----     a--22--7----     a--2--5--7----  a--2-5-22-5-7-
  e--3/5\0--0-0----     e--00--5----     e--0--3--5----  e--0-3-00-3-5-
  Intro & Chorus        Verse            Verse & Bridge  Verse & Bridge
  do you have a rocketship i could fly
  could we watch the world grow small from the sky 
  set a course and leave this place for a while
  we could leave, we would see the world a different size

  let's fly our rocketship off of the ground
  c'mon and break thru the speed of sound
  sometimes i feel caged inside my lifespan
  if i saw the earth as a distant land
  all my problems would feel like grains of sand
  sifting through, sifting through, sifting through my hand

  jesus holds space and time
  my soul will never die                 
                                                  Jam For The Lamb     
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