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Grammatrain - Jerky Love Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Grammatrain - Jerky Love Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jerky Love Song
		   |Song: Jerky Love Song|
|Artist: Grammatrain  |
|Record: Lonely House |
|Label: Forefront     |
|Tabbed by: Steve     |
|     |

    Hi there everybody.  Just the other day I picked up a cd called 
Lonely House.  I popped it in and listened.  When I heard "Jerky Love 
Song", I thought it would be totally awesome to tab it.  Guess what!  I 
did.  Some of you have heard of that ever popular POWER CHORD.  This 
song uses them.  Its quite simple really.  For those of you who are 
starring at your screen wondering what a power chord is, let me explain.  
I power chord is a 5th chord.  Example: E5  G5   Below is a diagram of 
what chords are used and their places on the guitar.

Chord:    G5        F5       A5

E     ---------|---------|---------
B     ---------|---------|---------
G     ---------|---------|---------
D     ----5----|----3----|----7----
A     ----5----|----3----|----7----
E     ----3----|----1----|----5----

    If you have too much trouble playing the D string, you can drop it 
and it will still sound good.  Well, here is the song.  Short and sweet.  

    Play with a heavy rock strum.
Verse 1:
G5                 F5      G5                   F5
I can never pay my bills.  I can never just sit still.

G5                       F5      G5                  F5
Never know what I should say.  I hope you love me anyway.

    Ease up on the strum a little.
Chorus (heys):
A5   G5    A5   G5     A5   G5     A5   G5
Heeeeey... Heeeeey...  Heeeeey...  Hey!

Now comes a little solo that some funkster will have to figure out for 
me.  On to verse 2.  Back to a heavy rock strum.

Verse 2:
G5                F5      G5                 F5
I know I can be obscene.  I'm addicted to caffeine.

G5                    F5       G5                       F5
I don't smile all the time.  I hope that love is really blind.

Repeat Chorus: Hey Hey Hey Hey!     
Добавлено: 15.07.2013
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