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Graham Parker - Fly Graham Parker - текст песни, видео

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Graham Parker - Fly Graham Parker - текст песни, видео

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Intro am c (twice)

(c)	 am			c
As you look into an invisible landscape

Dm7				 c
And the waves of time part behind your back

As your life crumbles and turns into fiction

Dm7		 c
And the end of it becomes a fact

Am			 c
The ghosts of children will run in your garden

Dm7			c
And play with an imaginary ball

You will be released and pardoned

Dm7	 c
Now there's nowhere left to fall

Dm7			 c dm7	 c
Chorus good bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

Dm7			 (add g) c	dm7 c
Now fly fly fly fly fly fly fly fly fly

Am		 c
A steam rises out of the water

Dm7			c
And a mist hangs over the field

The tears of your wife and daughter

Dm7		 c
Have all but released their yield

Am		 c
The ghosts of lovers will walk toward you

Dm7		 c
And beckon you into their arms

And the mighty bells of chaos

Dm7 		 c
Will no longer sound their alarms

Chorus repeat (plus way way way way way)

Dm7		 g
Shake off your carcass leave us in the dark

C				 c
That's us fumbling 'round like ants on the ground

Dm7		 g
In palaces and hovels reading mystery novels

C		 c
But we never get the plot maybe you got it now

Dm7			 g
Shake that mortal coil leave us to toil

C		 c
Take off that weight take off that weight

Dm7		 g
Listen to the silence know the end of violence

C		 c
Is a clean slate is a clean slate

Chorus repeat /pre>
Добавлено: 23.10.2013
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