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Graham Kendrick - O Lord The Clouds Are Gathering - аккорды и текст, видео

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Graham Kendrick - O Lord The Clouds Are Gathering - аккорды и текст, видео

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O Lord The Clouds Are Gathering
Graham Kendrick
    Bb   F                       G
O Lord----the clouds are gathering
 D           Eb                           Bb    F
The fire of judgement burn  How we have fall---en!
Bb     F                   G                               D                     Eb     C     
O Lord, you stand appalled to see Your laws of love so scorned
             Bb     F
And lives so bro---ken

Have mercy, Lord, (Men)  Have mercy, Lord, (Women)
   G              Bb
Forgive us, Lord, (Men) Forgive us, Lord (Women)
     A       D                                
Restore us, Lord Revive your church again (All)
Let justice flow (Men) Let justice flow (Women)
Eb      Bb
Like rivers (Men) Like rivers (Women)
       F                      C                   F
And righteousness like a never failing stream (All)

verse 2
     Bb   F               G
O Lord, over the nations now
D                     Eb                 Bb    F
Where is the dove of peace? Her wings are broken
Bb     F                   G                                   D                     Eb     
O Lord, while precious children starve The tools of war increase
                Bb     F
  Their bread is stolen

Verse 3
Bb   F                       G
O Lord, dark powers are poised to flood
D         Eb                           Bb    F
Our streets with hate and fear We must awaken!
Bb     F                G                                  D                     
O Lord, let love reclaim the lives That sin would sweep away
                Bb     F
And let your kingdom come

Verse 4
Bb   F                       G
Yet, O Lord, your glorious cross shall tower
D   Eb                           Bb    F
Triumphant in this land Evil confounding
Bb     F                   G                                   D                     
Through the fire your suffering church display The glories of her Christ
          Bb     F
Praises resounding!
Добавлено: 28.11.2013
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