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Graham Coxon - Hurt Prone - текст песни, видео

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Graham Coxon - Hurt Prone - текст песни, видео

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Every time I see you I got that feeling that I've seen you before 

And each time I try to talk to you I just get the feeling that I'm being a bore 

And I'm sitting down there with my hands on my head and all I'm thinking about is a shadow falling over my mind 

And I feel if I get to talk to you like something's gotta... like the sun's gotta shine 

It's always been so difficult for me to talk to you in my small dark place 

And everything I feel so strange about keeps on changing its shape 

One day I might open my eyes and decide that I am dead 

Until that day I'll just try to dream of you inside my head 

You were soiled 

You are now 

I want you 

To feel real blue 

All my life I'm beginning to feel like I'm running to where nothing really exists 

And I... write a thought of mine on my T-shirt instead 

I feel like a child, I put pen to paper and I'm beginning to cry 

And all you can do is absorb my tears when I do not say bye bye 

You're so good 

You are mine 

I'm so bad 

When I don't shine 

You're so fine out of time 

You're so cruel to this fool 

I wanna talk but all is blocked and I just don't know ever what to say 

And every night I'm dreaming, dreaming
Добавлено: 03.03.2012
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