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Парк Горького - Scared - текст песни, перевод, видео

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Парк Горького - Scared - текст песни, перевод, видео

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Hold me if you can
Hold me like a child
Cure me with your touch
Don't push me back in to exile

Gambling with the fate
Sucked my soul dry
Sow me like a seed
And I will grow into the sky

Verse 2:

Tell me if you can
If there is a way
Cut the ties to all the weight
Of things I used to say

Number on a scales
Counting me in
When I'm rolling down
In to the throat of a slot machine


Playing once again
I'm scared
Betting once again
I'm scared

Verse 3:

Help me if you can
Roll the dice for me
Following accross the desert
Like a tumbleweed

Faces move arround me
Craving for a spin
Round after round
I know this game is not to win
Добавлено: 29.09.2014
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