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Good Shoes - Morden - аккорды и текст, видео

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Good Shoes - Morden - аккорды и текст, видео

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Good Shoes
Artist: Good Shoes
Album: Think Before You Speak
Song: Morden

Tabbed By: bgame 
May 28th 2007


F#m  E  D

Verse pt 1

F#m			        E
	You can go and eat your chinese food over
	Drunken fools singing 80's tunes
F#m  			   E
	They'll be singing out of tune saying
Get the foreigners out of my area

Verse pt 2 - Same Chords, this time STRUM.

F#m	E	  D
  A skinhead in a burberry coat
	F#m		E		  D
This is not the sort of place you want to take your kids to

F#m	      E		D
		Fifty pound shops
    F#m	     E		D
And nothing left to inspire me in

Chorus - Strum those same chords.

F#m E D


Second Verse, same as the first.

Starring at the government not noticing the queen
A wilkinson's and a kfc
Is this everything you need for a cultured city?
Or is this everything you need to promote burglary

You don't get this in the country side
A teenager coming at you with a knife
Oh but you do
There must be something wrong with our society or is it

Chorus #2


Verse #3

I read the news today
A youth killed himself in a horrible way
He hung himself
From the local supermarket car park
Walking down canon hill lane
I saw the flowers lay where a car crash took place
A drug dealer crashed into a chicane
It sort of sums up my area in

Chorus 3/ Outro

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