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Good Charlotte - Emotionless - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Good Charlotte - Emotionless - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

Просмотров: 1504
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Авторы: Joel Madden, Benji Madden

Good Charlotte
Song:  “Emotionless”
Artist:  Good Charlotte
Album:  The Young and the Hopeless
Tabbed by:  Aaron McDivitt
Tuning:  ½ Step down ( Eb, Ab, C#, F#, Bb, Eb )

Hey whatsup,  this is an amazing acoustic song by Good Charlotte. The strumming is very
easy to pick on. Some of the chords may look pretty weird, but that's what they are.
 I'm positive this is totally right.  Thanks, I hope you like it.

Em7add9- xx2032
D- xx0232
Dsus2- xx0230
C- x32033
G- 320033
Am7- x02013
Cm- x35543
G7M  - 3x0032 
G7/F- 1x0001
* Indicates pull off from D to Dsus

Verse 1:
     Em7add9    D* Dsus4               C
Hey dad,                I'm  writing  to  you
Em7add9   D* Dsus4          C
Not  to   tell  you  that  I  still  hate  you
Em7add9   D* Dsus4             C
Just  to  ask  you  how  you  feel  
And  how  we  fell  apart
           C          (stop)
How  this  fell  apart.

          Em7add9  D* Dsus4               C
Are  you  happy    out  there  in  this  great  wide  world
       Em7add9          D* Dsus4      C
Do you think about your sons  do you miss  your little girl           
           Em7add9    D* Dsus4            C                    
When  you  lay  your  head  down    how  do  you  sleep  at  night
         Em7add9  D* Dsus4              C
Do  you  even     wonder  if  we're  alright? 
But  we're  alright,     we're alright

Its  been  a  long  road  without  you  by  my  side  
Why  weren't  you   there  all  the  nights  that  we  cried 
You  broke  my  mother's  heart  you  broke  your  children  for  life
Its  not  ok     but  we're  alright 
I  remember  the  days  you  were  a  hero  in  my  eyes  
But  those  are  just  a  long  lost  memory  of  mine
I  spent  so  many  years  learning  how  to  survive
Now I'm writing  just to let  you  know  we're still alive.  (stop)   

Verse 2:
     Em7add9  D* Dsus4       C
The  days  I  spent  so     cold  so  hungry
      Em7add9   D* Dsus4           C 
Were  full  of  hate           I  was  so  angry
     Em7add9     D* Dsus4             C
The  scars  run  deep  inside  this  tattooed  body
         Em7add9       D* Dsus4       C 
There's  things  I'll  take  to  my  grave
But  I'm  ok                   I'm  okayyy

      Am7 Cm                    G  G7M  
And  sometimes              I  forgive
         Am7   Cm                 G  G7/F
Yellin' this  time          I'll  admit
          Am7                      Cm
That  I  miss  you       said  I  miss  yooooouuuuChorus

Outro Part:
      Bm7              Am7
And  sometimes  I  forgive
       Bm7               Am7
And  this  time  I'll  admit  
          Bm7               Am7                         G  ( stop)
That  I  miss  you      I  miss  you              Hey  Dad.
Добавлено: 29.07.2012
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