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Glen Campbell - Unconditional Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Glen Campbell - Unconditional Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Unconditional Love
Glen Campbell
Unconditional Love
Glen Travis Campbell
1991 album Unconditional Love

Intro  G  D  Am  C  D

Verse 1

G                        Bm
Here's to the people who gave me life.
C                         G
And then showed me how to live it.
And taught me that you measure love,
C                     G
By how freely you can give it.
Em                     A      
And the gift I give to you,
C                     G
Is the lesson that I learned.
Em                  A    
That when a love is true,
C                   D
It asks nothing in return.

Chorus 1

G              Em                     C
Unconditional love, that they gave to me,
                  D          D7       G
it wasn't mine to keep and I knew someday;
I'd hand it down to you.
In hopes that I can be, the one who makes
    D        D7        C
you see the importance of,
D             G     Bm  Am  C  D
unconditional love.

Verse 2

G                         Bm
There were times I know I let them down
C                      G
but never once was I rejected.
And when I stood alone to face this world,
C                        G
somehow I still felt protected.


Em                        A
That's the common bond we share.
C                         G
And it will last through the years.
Em                             A
And you can trust that I'll be there.
C                              D
Through the good times and the tears.

Chorus 2

G              Em                     C
Unconditional love, like they gave to me, 
                  Am         Am7      G
it's not yours to keep and I know someday;
someone will look to you and you will have
   C                          D
to be, the one who makes them see the 
 D7         C  D              G   Em  C  Am Am7 G
importance of, unconditional love.

God Bless Glen Travis Campbell
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