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Glen Campbell - Light Years - аккорды и текст, видео

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Glen Campbell - Light Years - аккорды и текст, видео

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Light Years
Glen Campbell
Light Years
Glen Travis Campbell
written by Jimmy Webb
album Light Years 1998

Intro  G D C G D C

Verse 1

                 G     D           C            G
There's a lot of empty space separating me from you,  
   Em           C
it feels like eternity, 
Am       G           C               F
a lonely place but I Have to make it through, 
     E           A            
your love is my destiny, 
you're just across the room, 
but on a scale of Tears, 

Chorus 1

well it seems like light years 
               G               E
since I first looked into your eyes 
light years and saw them Fill with sweet surprise 
F#m                   E               A    D
light years since we said our last goodbye 

Verse 2

         A         E           D                 A
It was a long hard fall when I fell in love with you,
   F#m            D
it felt like immortality, 
Bm           A              D            G
   I came as close to it as anyone could do, 
        F#            B
but it almost cost my sanity, 
               E               B
it's not that long ago, in our short careers 
but it seems like 

Chorus 2

light years 
             E     A     F#
at least as far as I can see  
light years  since I held you close to me 
B      G#m           F#        B
Light years my love goes on endlessly.


         F#                          A    
And it's just another party and it's just another noise
     E                             G#m
and suddenly our eyes meet and you almost loose you poise 
and in that fraction of a second 
  D                 F#
I know you love me still because the

Chorus 3

B     F#          A                   F# 
Light years and I don't know where or when 
B     E         
light years till you're in my arms again 
F#    G#m            F#         E         B    A  G
light years I'll be waiting for you until then 
F#          E        A               F#
light years since I looked into your eyes 
B     E                                  
light years and saw them fill with sweet surprise 
F#     G#m            F#                 B   E  B  E  B
light years  since we said our last goodbye.

God Bless Glen travis Campbell
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