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Glen Campbell - The Last Letter - аккорды и текст, видео

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Glen Campbell - The Last Letter - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Last Letter
Glen Campbell
The Last Letter
Glen Campbell

Intro  D  F#m  Bm  A

Verse 1

D          F#m         D         D7     Em       A
Why do you treat me as if I were only a friend
Em          A           Em          A7          D
What have I done that's made you so distant and cold
            A         D         F#m       G
Sometimes I wonder if you'll be contented again
A           Em     A           A7           D    F#m  Bm  Bb7
Will you be happy when you are withered and old

Verse 2

D#                              D#7         Fm   Bb
I cannot offer you diamonds and mansions so fine
Fm       Bb        Fm                Bb         D#
I cannot offer you clothes that your young body craves
              Bb                D#          Fm     Gm G#
But if you'll say that you just love me and always be mine
Fm   Bb                                    Bb7           D#   Gm G# B
Just think of the tears the heartaches and sorrow you'll save

Verse 3

E          G#m           E        E7          F#m  B
While I am writing this letter I think of the past
F#m        B7       A             B      E   
And of the promises that you have broken so free
            G#m            E            E7         A
But to this old world I'll soon say my farewell at last
      B          B7           F#m            B           E  G#m  F#m B  E  
Cause I will be gone when you read this last letter from me

G#m  E  G#m B  E (fade)

God Bless Glen Travis Campbell
Добавлено: 02.04.2016
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