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Glen Campbell - Christian No - аккорды и текст, видео

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Glen Campbell - Christian No - аккорды и текст, видео

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Christian No
Glen Campbell
Christian No
Glen Campbell
written by Jimmy Webb

Intro Cmaj

Verse 1

C         F     C            G  G7
Christian no no no Christian no.     
         F                C               Em
Take the time to take the time to take it slow. 
          Am      G              Am       Em         F
You'll be leaving soon enough to make the tear drops flow, 
          G   G7  G  G7          
Christian no,           

Verse 2

         F         C              G    G7
You will grow grow grow Christian grow. 
         F             C                Em
You will glow like the moonlight on the snow. 
         Am            G                  Am   Em        Dm
You will fly like the snowflakes when the wind begins to blow,
        G     G7      D
take it slow, take it slow.

Chorus 1
          Bb              F              Bb C
And don't listen when the people put you on. 
          Bb       F               Bb  C
And don't cry over someone who is gone. 
       Bb        F               Bb        Gm            G  G7(stop)
I will carry you until you carry on, carry on son, carry on. 

Verse 3

(no chord) F            C                G  G7
Cause it's hard to know what you want to be. 
            F             C                 Em
When you're just a little boy who's turning three. 
          Am            G              Am       Em    Dm
Or you're just a little boy who's only turning twenty nine.  
          G      G7       D              
Take your time, take your time. 

Verse 4

          Bb      F             Bb  C
Christian yes yes yes Christian yes. 
        Bb                     F           Bb    C
You can prevent the world from being repossessed. 
       Bb                  F           Bb
I must confess that we've left it in a mess. 
            Bb             F              Bb
But you can save it if you try to do your best. 
          Gm  Gm7 Gm Gm7           F   Am Dm C           Bb
Christian yes,           Christian yes,        Christian yes,
Christian yes.

God Bless Glen Travis Campbell
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