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Glen Campbell - Call Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Glen Campbell - Call Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Call Home
Glen Campbell
Call Home
Glen Campbell
preformed on a TV show 1986
album It's Just A Matter Of Time

Intro F Dm  Bb  Gm


F         C          F
I pack my soul in an ole suitcase
Bb                       F
The day I feft the farm.
I'll never forget my mama's eyes, 
       Bb             C
as she held me in her arms.
Daddy stood there strong and silent,
Bb                        F
it's always been his way.
But his love sure came through loud and clear,
   Bb          C    F
as I heard my Daddy say

Chorus 1

F                              Bb
Son don't forget to call home, call home,
C                                   F     Bb
just to let us know you're safe and sound.
         F         C      Dm F Bb
When the cold wind starts blowing,
       C                               F    Dm  Bb
If you need anything at all, just call home.

Verse 2

You know, Heaven helps the young and foolish,
Bb                      F
Through the years they wonder.
Heaven holds the ones you love,
         Bb                C
when the roll is called up yonder.
The old farms standing empty now,
         Bb              F
but I'm filled with memories.
And I know the circle is unbroken,
       Bb        C      F
when I fall down on my knees.

Chorus 2

F                  Bb
And I call home, I call home.
C                                 F     Bb
Just to let em' know I'm safe and sound.
         F                 Dm  Bb
When the cold winds start blowing,
      C                           F
If I need anything at all, I call home.
Dm             Bb            C          F
When I want to rise above it all I call home,
       Dm   Gm  Bb  F
I call home.

God Bless Glen Travis Campbell
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