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Givegoods - Heart Attack - аккорды и текст, видео

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Givegoods - Heart Attack - аккорды и текст, видео

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Heart Attack
Givegoods – heart attack
Tab by Christian Schlachter (
You can download the song and some other Givegoods numbers in the internet.

C                E
Alone and out of ?????
       Am          G
on the head of the dark
E                  F
I know what I did, don't know why I did it wrong
C          E                   Am    G                                      got on the 
track, of the right darling,
      E               F                    C, E, Am
if I pay for all that I come for tomorrow,
                   F          Ab      C                    Am
I need some space, somewhere, where, where, somewhere, can lay the ground
        Fm    G  C               Fm   G   C
for the heart to attack, for the heart to attack,

I saw you can eat flesh, yeah I have my filth, still plenty of fish in the sea it's okay,
I ??? in the evening made it down, I leave you the rest cause me and my ???

Добавлено: 18.06.2012
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