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Girls Against Boys - In Like Flynn - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Girls Against Boys - In Like Flynn - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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In Like Flynn
Girls Against Boys
		   Transcribed by Marko Martens. E-mail at

Hi, I didn't see any of the Girls Against Boys songs transcribed anywhere on
the Internet, so I decided to give it a go myself. Here is :

In Like Flynn  -  by Girls Against Boys
---=======---     from their 3rd album Venus Luxure No.1 baby
                  (c) '93 Touch And Go.

# Verse
     "G come down ...."        "It's like you're ...."
     "I can't talk ...."etc.    "You're over like ...."etc.
   R   R                 Bass                           8  1      8  Chorus
                         On Guitar
# Chorus
           "G you like that ...."etc                       "Best at ...."
   16 8  8     16 8  8                16 1 Verse    1  1  1 End

# Bass-lines on Guitar. (Verse)

                                            Continue Verse

Note : Small explanation needed, maybe. The info. behind the # tells the part
       of the song that's transcribed there. e-E are wires with the cords
       written behind them as in the usual TAB-like manner. The text
       inbetween the ""'s are lyrics. They're written exactly above the TABs
       that need to be played at that point in time. The numbers and text
       under the TABs are amount of strokes and info on where to continue
       when played. All strokes are 1/2 (1&2&3&4&) except the numbers 1.
       Those are 1-strokes (1234). An R stands for a random amount of strokes.
       Get it ?. Okay.

       See. It's easy, realy. (G it's probably wrong. And if it is, or if
                               you've anything to ad or if you have any
                               comments, mail me at the adress above with
                               *InLikeFlynnComment* in the body.)

       I'm currently working on :
                        - "Satin Down" by "Girls Against Boys"
                        - "Go Be Delighted" by "Girls Against Boys"
                        - "Bullitproof Cupid" by "Girls Against Boys"
                        - "Price Yeah!" by "Pavement"
                        - "Fillmore Jive" by "Pavement"

       Information on those songs are very welcome. Send to the adress above
       with the title of the song in the body.

       Later, Marko Martens.     
Добавлено: 26.11.2013
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