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Gillian Welch - Time The Revelator - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Gillian Welch - Time The Revelator - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Time The Revelator
Gillian Welch
Artist: Gillian Welch
Song: Time the Revelator
Album: Time (The Revelator)
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Chords Used:
Am:    002210
Asus4:  002200
C:     032010
D:     000232
Em:    022000
G:     320033

Standard Tuning (CAPO V) [All tabs and chords relative to capo]

Intro Chords and Tabs:
           Em             C              Asus4

                  C            Asus4              C

Verse 1 chords:
Em           C       Asus4               Asus4/C
   Darling remember       from when you come to me
Em                 C           Asus4         Asus4/C
   That I'm the pretender, I'm not what I'm supposed to be
Am                C              G        D
   But who could know, lf I'm a traitor?
              Am         C
Times the revelator-rrrr-er

Verse 2 chords:
Em                  C    Asus4               Asus4/C
   They caught the katy,      and left me a mule to ride
Em             C    Asus4           Asus4/C
   The fortune lady came along she walked beside
Am           C              G         D
   But every word seemed to date her
              Am         C                  D
Times the revelator-rrrr-er, the revelator

Instrumental: Em C Asus4 Asus4/C   (x2)

Verse 3: use verse 2 chords
Up in the morning up and on the ride
I drive in to corning and all the spindles whine
And ever day is getting straighter
Times the revelator, the revelator

Instrumental: Em C Asus4 Asus4/C   (x2)

Verse 4: use verse 2 chords
Leaving the valley and fucking out of sight
I'll go back to Cali, where I can sleep out every night 
and watch the waves and move the fader
Times the revelator, the revelator

Outro Verse:
Am           C            G      D
   Queen of fakes and Imitators
              Am         C
Times the revelator-rrrr-er

Instrumental Outro: Em C Asus4 Asus4/C   (x6) to fade out...
Добавлено: 05.05.2012
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